October 24, 2018

Our commitment to gender identity and expression

On Sunday the New York Times published an article regarding a possibility that the federal definition of gender will be limited to a biological, immutable condition established at birth. This possibility has left many at Stanford — especially those in our transgender, intersex and ally communities — feeling fearful, angry and uncertain about legal rights and protections.

Such a change would directly affect the legal rights of transgender, intersex and non-binary people. We want you to know that no matter what happens at the federal level, the university will not waver from its own commitment to value people of all genders, gender identities and gender expressions.

Stanford is committed to providing living, working and learning environments where all of us can flourish. Stanford’s Nondiscrimination Policy includes protection for gender, gender identity and gender expression. This will not change. We will continue to protect our transgender, intersex and nonbinary community from discrimination and harassment on our campus and in our programs. At the state level, California also protects gender identity and gender expression. These legal and institutional protections provided by the university and the state of California will remain intact, despite any federal changes.

Even so, the proposed federal changes would impact the legal rights of our transgender community in the areas of health care, travel and identification documents. The groups listed below are actively working to provide help, guidance and support in negotiating potential changes. As we learn more, we’ll be offering clinics regarding legal resources and other information, as well as spaces for gathering, connection and community care — watch the Queer Student Resources calendar for updates and announcements.

As stated in previous blog posts, we hope that the discourse at Stanford on these issues will recognize the humanity of the people affected by the possibility of these changes. Although we may have different viewpoints within our diverse community, we are one Stanford, and we support all members of our community.